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Wellman takes on new role as Vice President of Sales with fast growing St. Louis based political data start-up

St. Louis, MO – July 9, 2024 – Constituent Connection, LLC is thrilled to announce the addition of nationally renowned political operative Fred Wellman, Democratic campaign consultant and former Executive Director of The Lincoln Project, as our new Vice President of Sales. With his extensive background as a political strategist Wellman has a firsthand understanding of what makes a winning campaign. This experience drew him to the opportunity to help campaigns be more effective, efficient, and competitive at Constituent Connection.

A seasoned political veteran and the host of the highly acclaimed podcast On Democracy with FPWellman on the MeidasTouch Network, Fred is known for his strategic acumen and his ability to engage and mobilize audiences. He brings a lifetime of professional experience in and out of politics to the firm and is fully aligned with our mission to support progressive campaigns and candidates at every level of our democracy.

Wellman is a 22-year Army veteran with four combat tours. After retiring, he launched his own award-winning advocacy and public relations firm focused on veterans and military families. He joined the Lincoln Project in August of 2020 and took over as Executive Director in 2021. He has served as a senior advisor and strategist for multiple Democratic House and Senate campaigns and now hosts a popular podcast on the MeidasTouch Network.

“Anyone who has dealt with digital and data tools find them difficult to understand, expensive to access, and out of reach for most campaigns and organizations to purchase. Constituent Connection breaks that paradigm by creating accurate and precise solutions that serve any size effort,” said Fred Wellman. "If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with helping candidates and organizations of every size win to ensure our democratic future. Constituent Connection’s tools make that possible for anyone running from school board to nationwide and campaigns needing to find a hundred supporters or millions."

Wellman will join forces with CEO Spencer Toder, a former Democratic Primary U.S. Senate candidate and successful entrepreneur. His campaign that was based on “Doing Well by Doing Good” focused on earning votes by improving lives.  “When the only message you hear from a candidate is ‘Chip in $5’ it’s no wonder the message isn’t resonating, but the sad reality is that it costs a fortune to run for office. We exist to make it affordable to win,” said Toder. He continued, “Fred has earned the respect of so many people fighting for social change and democracy over the years, he is a phenomenal steward of our company’s vision.” 

Together, Wellman and Toder aim to make Constituent Connection the go-to resource for political candidates and non-profits seeking to become more effective, efficient, and competitive. With Fred Wellman joining our leadership team, we are poised to deliver even greater value to our clients and help them make an impact in our communities.