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Excellent question. We set ourselves apart from the many political services companies in three key ways:

  1. Precision Data. Outreach isn’t a numbers game; it’s a science. Our proprietary data models connect you to the right people with the right message to drive engagement and build your base without the waste of wide-net outreach and mass-market advertising. 
  2. All-in-One Services. We offer every service you need in one place and on one seamless platform. No more hassle juggling multiple contractors, coordinating among vendors, and incurring redundant expenses. We streamline the entire process to ensure your organization gets what it needs when it needs it. 
  3. Progressive Mission. We are not just a political company driven by a profit motive. We believe America is better when everyone can participate in our democracy and politicians have the courage to tackle our toughest challenges, and we support candidates and causes that share those goals. We put people and results first.

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We offer bundled credits which can be used across our outreach services, like text and email, as best suits your needs, and for our data-targeting services. 

Our staff-based services are priced according to your requirements. We make every effort to tailor services to meet your budget.

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Yes! Constituent Connection’s mission is to make running for office, engaging with constituents, or reaching out to charitable donors affordable for everyone. We will never pressure you to buy more than what you truly need. We aim for price transparency at every step, so you can trust you are getting the best deal around.

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No! Buy just one small texting campaign, or purchase our entire services suite. You never have to buy something you don’t need, and we’ll always work with you to find the most affordable solution.

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We strive to provide a complete technology and services offering, but if we don’t yet have the services your organization needs, we can likely recommend collaborative providers and can incorporate most third-party work into our consulting services. Schedule a call with us to discuss options.

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We work with non-profit organizations, PACs, and campaigns.

We only have one rule: Our clients have to be aligned with our vision for addressing Climate Change and making it easier for all Americans to vote.

We would love to help your organization. To get started, complete the contact form to schedule a call between your organization and a Constituent Connection team member. Then, we’ll learn about your needs and draft a plan for your success.

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Choosing Constituent Communication ensures unmatched quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Our advanced methodologies, affordability, and focus on maximizing impact set us apart from the competition. We are committed to empowering campaigns and organizations with the tools they need to engage with their constituents in a meaningful and impactful way.