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Bringing Politics Into

Stop talking at your constituents.

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Traditional texting companies set you up with a phone number and send you on your way.

Not us.

We leverage the highest quality data in the country, so you can have The Right Conversation with The Right Person at The Right Time.

Campaign with

We know that compliance equals deliverability which generates

Better Conversations
Less Wasted Money

So we do the hard work for you, cleaning data and keeping you up to date on telecom guidelines.

Advertise with

We model voters using consumer data, voter file data, and machine learning.

Target the voters and donors you want to reach with a message that resonates.

With Constituent Connection, every advertising campaign is custom.

And more.

Worried about another element of your campaign? Our Constituent Connection team members can consult every step of the way.

Effortless Outreach

Our Mission

It shouldn't cost a fortune to win an election.
With Constituent Connection, it doesn't.

We’re sick and tired of a focus on money in politics.

People constantly talk about how to raise the most money, but you never hear about how it’s spent.

Constituent Connection makes it affordable for high quality candidates to compete and win by leveraging industry leading data and software.

The Data Difference

Using traditional platforms, up to 40% of your outreach is wasted.

Stop lighting your hard-earned donations on fire.

Campaigns and volunteers text and call thousands of WRONG NUMBERS every day! This leads to a bad experience for volunteers and wastes valuable time and money.

At Constituent Connection, we do things differently. 

We sort through millions of rows of data to clean and enhance our information, helping you target and segment audiences, and ensuring your resources are always used to reach out to

The Right Voter with The Right Message at The Right Time.

Don't waste another dollar.

Services Based on Better Data


Communicate with P2P, SMS, or MMS for a fraction of the cost of other providers, starting at just 2.5¢ per text.


Track link-clicks and create personalized messaging. Stay connected with supporters who prefer email.


Starting with the right data ensures you aren't wasting money advertising to the wrong people.


Custom call sheets guarantee you aren't calling someone out of state who is sick of being solicited.


Geographic, demographic, issue-centric, we've got you covered. Our AI technology ensures that with every response, your data gets more accurate!


Build the link between curiosity and support. All website customers receive regular metrics on website performance and new supporter traffic.


Inform and excite people to join upcoming events using leading data, a comprehensive website, and effective outreach.


Our team is made up of experienced candidates, campaign staff, and technologists. Let us know what you need. We're here to help!

Everything You Need in One Place

Other companies offer individual features. Our comprehensive platform provides outreach, advertising, website building, and consulting services all using top-of-the-line data targeting.

Constituent Connection is not just the full package, it is the best package.

Cost should never be a barrier to entry into politics.

Trusted by Progressive Candidates and Organizations

“The best candidates, non-profits, and activists don’t stand a chance without Constituent Connection’s affordable texting, advertising, and consulting services.”

-Abe Lincoln, probably

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Only pay for what you need with our credit system.

Contact us for a quote.

Our data targeting forms the core of our company, and we make it affordable no matter your starting point.

The cost for Constituent Connection data starts at $650, just 2¢ per record. If you want us to use our targeting software on data your campaign already possesses, we will build a quote based on the size of the file and targeting requested.

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Texting starts at 2.5¢. 1 credit for SMS and 2 credits for EMSS. Because of our unique approach, our cost is less than half the price of traditional competitors.

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Starting at 1 credit for 100 emails.

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Starting at $500 for a campaign website. Additional changes will be priced upon technical difficulty. Changes in wording, updated links, and other small fixes come at no additional cost. We want to make sure your website represents your campaign and provides all of the information your supporters need.

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Cost depends on the needs of your campaign and advertising avenue. We do everything to minimize costs and create the most efficient advertising possible.

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Price depends on level of consulting. Our different packages offer differing levels of time and services depending on your campaign’s budget and needs. Consulting starts at $300. First introductory meeting is free.

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Any of the above services can help your campaign with fundraising, event organizing, voter outreach, and beyond. Cost will depend on method.

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Any other questions?

Contact us here.

Excellent question. There are many political services companies in the United States. We set ourselves apart in three key ways:

  1. Innovative Data. Our industry-leading technology connects you with just the right people and supercharges your outreach. It also saves you money compared to traditional wide-net methods of outreach and advertising targeting.
  2. All-in-One Services. We offer every service you need in one place and on one seamless platform. We know the hassle of needing a different business for every service and trying to keep track of dozens of sales contacts. We streamline the entire process to ensure your organization gets what it needs when it needs it. 
  3. Progressive Mission. We are not just a political company looking to make a huge profit. We are focused on making America a better place by supporting candidates who have the same goal – regardless of the size of their donation fund. We put people and results first.

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For outreach services, like text and email, we offer bundled credits. Credits buy your organization the ability to reach out  to people using our software and data targeting. 

For Constituent Connection staff-based services, regular dollar amount prices will apply. 

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Yes! Of course, we cannot answer this question for every organization. However, Constituent Connection’s mission is to make running for office, organizing, and running a charitable organizations affordable for everyone. We have a range of options and services, and will never pressure you to buy more than what you truly need. We aim for price transparency at every step, so you can trust you are getting the best deal in the business. 

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No, buy just one texting campaign or buy our entire services suite. Work with us based on your organization’s needs only.

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We’ve strived to provide all of the services a political campaign or organization needs. However, if we do not yet have a service your organization needs, schedule a call with us to discuss options. Most other services can be incorporated into our consulting service. 

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We would love to help your organization. To get started, send us a contact form to schedule a call between your organization and a Constituent Connection team member. There, we’ll learn about your needs and draft a plan for your success.

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Choosing Constituent Communication ensures unmatched quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Our advanced methodologies, affordability, and focus on maximizing impact set us apart from the competition. We are committed to empowering campaigns and organizations with the tools they need to engage with their constituents in a meaningful and impactful way.

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